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Portable Music Stands

Portable Music Stands

By Elizabeth Geli

Step aside, wire stands. A new wave of portable music stands is taking the market by storm. Two companies offer stands that are portable and convenient but much sturdier than traditional folding metal stands.

The SMS-20, -30 and -40 by Peak Music Stands feature a music desk that can hold at least 10 pounds and are made of heavy-duty plastic and piano hinges. Bases have nylon tension fi ttings to withstand wear and tear and are available in either tubular steel or aluminum.

The portable stands can be set up or broken down in less than a minute, and each stand comes with its own carrying case. Even the heaviest stand weighs less than six pounds.

“This stand is ideal for musicians who are on the go but still need a strong, user-friendly music stand,” says Pamela Liu, owner of PL&H International, the distributor of Peak Music Stands.

Another option is the Desca Music Stand (pictured), which folds into a stackable box about the size of a loaf of French bread and features an accessory tray for holding pencils or reeds.

The Desca stand extends up to 64.5 inches and weighs 6.5 pounds. Carrying straps that attach to the folded stand can be purchased separately.

These stands offer convenience for bands with limited storage space and can be especially useful for pit percussion units on the field and indoors as they take up less space when traveling to competitions.

For more information, visit www.peakmusicstands.com or www.descahome.com.

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