DCI Implements Several Rule Changes in 2016

The 2016 Drum Corps International annual winter business meeting finished with a voting session on nine rule change proposals.

Of the nine proposed rule changes, ranging from the usage of newer specific electronic equipment to the position of judges, four proposals passed.

These include: Allowing half-tenths for judges, clarifying wording for the rules regarding use of electronic equipment and amplification, and modifications to Percussion 1 Sheets and Percussion 2 Sheets. The Percussion 1 (field) judge will now be called the Field Percussion judge and will only be used at DCI World Championships and large regional events. Ensemble Percussion judge replaces Percussion 2 (press box) and will be at all events.

One final proposal passed that will delay tour recaps from being published until after a season has been completed. Instead, a summary of results and score will be posted online right after each event concludes. Each corps still has access to their own detailed scores after each event, but judges won’t have access to recaps until the season ends.

For detailed information on each proposal, please view the Official 2016 DCI Rule Proposal Document

Source: Drum Corps International
Photo Courtesy of Drum Corps International

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