This I Believe: The Cadets’ Essay Contest – Part 2

Twelve-year-old essay winner believes in “hard work and determination.

Twelve-year-old Madison Clark of Kitchener Ontario, Canada, was scheduled to participate with the The Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps in Beverly, Mass., on the nation’s birthday, but rain halted the show before the corps could take the field for competition. Fortunately, Madison was able to remain in the state with her parents, Scott and Sue Clark, and took part as an honorary Cadet when the corps performed in Lawrence, Mass., on Friday, July 6.

Madison is one of many writers whose prose have earned them the privilege of becoming an honorary member for the day, and ultimately march onto the field of competition in the classic Cadets’ block.

Since the season started on June 16 in Annapolis, Md., a dozen winning writers have participated with the corps as part of The Cadets’ “This I Believe” Essay Contest. They are the first of a possible 35 writers, each one invited to participate at a particular summer event. Their essays share with others what they believe, and covey the values that guide them through life.

The winner can spend the rehearsal day with the corps, eat with the members, watch warm-ups, then march onto the field with the corps when they perform.

The Cadets’ “This I Believe” Essay Contest was announced in early May to involve fans in the corps 2007 program, an artistic interpretation of those philosophies that make being a Cadet, and part of a drum corps, unique and special.

Here is an excerpt from Madison’s winning essay:

“I believe in hard work and determination. When I am in school hard work and determination helps me get good grades in subjects that I have trouble in. The summer before I started grade three I moved from the United States to Canada. At that point in my life I had never heard the French language. Now I was going to be two years behind my classmates. With hard work and determination I was able to catch up with my class and became an “A” student in French. Three years later I am still an that “A” student.

Determination and hard work helps me with other things out of school as well. For example colorguard. I marched in the Ventures Cadet colorguard for three years. With all my hard word and determination this past winter I auditioned for the Ventures Regional A guard and I made it! I know this would not of happened if I didn’t have the drive and work ethic to push myself to the next level. I will use this hard work and determination to achieve my next goal, that is to make the weapon line. I am sure I will succeed in this goal in the near future.

I have a long term goal as well. I know that I have the work ethic, the ability to work hard and the determination to one day be a Cadet, just like both of my parents were. I am too young now but the experience I am getting from the Ventures and the person I am. I, one day with be able to be part of the Holy Name family. This is what I believe.”

Madison Clark
Kitchener Ontario, Canada

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Caryn Goebel

Caryn Goebel is a marketing associate at Youth Education in the Arts, an Allentown, Pa.-based organization, providing programs that allow thousands of talented performers to participate in pageantry events around the continent.

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