2014 WGI Winners

Old favorites coveted top spots in three out of four World categories while new winners graced the pedestal in all other classes.

Photos courtesy of WGI Sport of the Arts/Sid and Linda Unser

World Class Champions
(from left to right in photo)

Guard Independent World: Onyx from Dayton, Ohio; Score of 99.100
Guard Scholastic World: Tarpon Springs (Fla.) HS; Score of 97.250
Percussion Independent World: Pulse Percussion from Westminster, Calif.; Score of 96.812
Percussion Scholastic World: Dartmouth (Mass.) HS; Score of 98.238

WGI Championships 2014 page 1

Open Class Champions

Guard Independent Open: UCF Pegasus Open from Orlando, Fla.; Score of 94.900
Guard Scholastic Open: Spring (Texas) High School; Score of 96.150
Percussion Independent Open: Cadets Winter Percussion from Allentown, Pa.; Score of 96.725
Percussion Scholastic Open: Clinton (Miss.) HS; Score of 95.975

WGI Championships 2014 page 2

A Class Champions

Guard Independent A: Georgia State Winter Guard from Atlanta; Score of 96.070
Guard Scholastic A: Lyman HS from Longwood, Fla.; Score of 96.430
Percussion Independent A: Lone Star Independent Percussion Ensemble from Houston, Texas; Score of 95.525
Percussion Scholastic A: Victor J. Andrew HS from Tinley Park, Ill.; Score of 96.625

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