Crossword: “Marching Units”: How Do You Measure Up?

crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzle by Matt Jones
Posted July 2012

Halftime Crossword Grid



1. “___ was I supposed to know that?”
4. Throw a flag
8. Past the age limit for trick-or-treating, maybe
14. “Special Agent ___” (Disney Junior show with a stuffed bear)
15. “That feels so relaxing …”
16. Fantasy land “Chronicle”d
in books and movies
17. Band member’s common board measurement? (2 words)
19. They’re aligned using the Alexander Technique
20. Attacked like a mosquito
21. Egyptian boy king theorized until 2005 to have been murdered
23. In need of a map
24. ___ pass (high school permission item)
26. Band member’s unit of volume? (2 words)
29. Poli ___ (college field of study)
30. Letters after M
31. Abbreviation at the top of sheet music
32. What some sprays replicate
33. Animal that represents Aries (2 words)
35. “Family Guy” dog
37. Band member’s really, really big units of computer memory?
41. Sirs’ counterparts
42. On _____ of (speaking for)
44. DeLuise in many Burt Reynolds movies
47. Prefix for “angle” or “cycle”
48. Massive-sized British lexicon (abbrev.)
49. Band with the compilation album “And I Feel Fine …”
50. With 60-Across, band member’s measurement at an orchard? (3 words)
53. Puts together
54. Instrument carrier
55. Organization that tracks mercury emissions
56. Hockey great Bobby, winner of an NHL rookie award at age 18
57. Makes a correction to the text
60. See 50-Across (2 words)
64. What rests may represent
65. Huck Finn’s boat
66. Photos, slangily
67. “The Sixth Sense” actor Haley Joel ___
68. Three-person band
69. James Bond, for o


1. Red ___ Chili Peppers
2. School that’s home to the Beavers (abbrev.)
3. More likely to tip over
4. Heaviest American president
5. “Now I’ve got it!”
6. “Please be quiet,” but a bit ruder (2 words)
7. It may get shaped with pruning shears
8. Clip-___ (tie types)
9. Seatbelt spot
10. Part of marching band practice
11. Famous burger chain in the southwestern U.S. (3 words, hyph.)
12. Afternoon nap
13. Move quickly
18. Feel sick
22. Pageant headgear
24. FDR successor (abbrev.)
25. Eight, in German
26. Evaluate side by side
27. Plagiarized, like notes for a school paper
28. Like worn-out rope
30. Record-holding NY Jets quarterback Joe
34. Drink for pirates
35. DVD extra about the making of a movie, in film shorthand
36. To the ___ degree
38. “Speed Racer” star Hirsch
39. Liquids that hit a drum when you’re sick? (2 words)
40. Winter slider
43. Car radio varieties
44. “From the beginning,” in sheet music (2 words)
45. Current First Family
46. The Sports Legends ___ at Camden Yards
48. Similar, but not quite equal (3 words)
51. Hearing, for one
52. Separated
53. Circle section
56. Prefix for “-mom” Nadya Suleman
58. Lion’s lair
59. Ultra-fast jet retired in the 2000s (abbrev.)
61. “___ remember correctly …” (2 words)
62. Body part that helps form an embouchure
63. Benzoyl peroxide brand


Wait, don’t peek yet. Here come the solutions.


Halftime Crossword Solution


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Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Ore., where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.

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