Crossword: Sorry, Wrong Instrument

crossword puzzle
A musical-themed crossword puzzle, created exclusively for Halftime Magazine. Here is the Sep/Oct 2015 installment.
1. Azerbaijan, once (abbrev.)
4. Spiced tea at a café
8. Make a smoothie, for instance
13. Mon. follower
14. Like woolless sheep
15. Less severe
16. Like beginning musicians or athletes
18. Night club host
19. Celebratory glasses at a wedding reception,
but way bigger?(2 words)
21. Fenway Park souvenirs
22. Lumberjack’s tool
23. Exchanged words at a wedding
25. Extra game segments, for short
26. Stamp pad stuff
29. Spain, in Spain
32. Hold still
35. “I Fall To Pieces” singer Cline
36. Sound detector in your head,
but much longer? (2 words)
38. “Drumline,” for one
40. “I’m done!” (2 words)
41. It may be nuclear or solar
43. Fitting
44. Conan O’Brien’s network
47. That girl
48. “Help!” key on a PC
51. Film spool
52. Thanksgiving decoration, but flatter
and … crashier? (3 words)
58. Newspapers, TV, etc.
59. U-turn, in marching bands (2 words)
60. As a whole (2 words)
61. Yamaha, e.g.
62. School org. for bright kids
63. Do some hairy work?
64. Shaker contents
65. “I tawt I taw a puddy ___!”
1. Cement-based building material
2. Beach headgear
3. Draws on again, like potential
4. Type of “pet” that actually sprouts
5. ___ Kong
6. Big place to play at halftime
7. Alphabetical listing
8. Type of cheese in dressing with buffalo wings
9. Mary had a little one
10. Dig for, as artifacts
11. Actor Liam and family, for example
12. “Forgot About ___” (Grammy-winning rap song)
14. Sticky tree stuff
17. Real estate ad
20. Shirt with artwork, perhaps
24. “I’m on my ___!”
26. Discount-rack abbrev. for flawed clothing
27. Dot follower, often
28. “Show Boat” composer Jerome
30. Lacrosse, for one
31. Window unit
32. Weatherman’s word
33. Place for giraffes and hippos
34. Actress Stone of
“Easy A”
36. When they say to practice or get exercise, maybe
(2 words)
37. Birdland jazz genre
38. “I didn’t like it, but I didn’t hate it either”
39. Words on a penny
(2 words)
42. Congressional vote
44. Apartment resident
45. “You ___!”
(“Of course!”)
46. Most crafty
49. Bacon purchases
50. Deadly snake with a hood
51. Official on the basketball court, for short
53. Flour-grinding building
54. Hay bundle
55. Baby horse
56. Football kick
57. Inc., to Brits
58. Prefix with information



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Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.

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