Bandmates Decals

Marching performers and fans can showcase their activity with Bandmates’ decals that can stick on cars, instrument cases or windows.

“I saw all these car decals for soccer players, golfers, dogs and cats, but there really wasn’t anything for the marching band world,” says Richard Agnew, one of the founders of Bandmates. “So we came up with an original set of decals.”

Designs include musicians performing on different instruments, color guard performers on various equipment, and even drum majors and band parents. The selection is continually expanding with suggestions from customers. For example, Bandmates has added both male and female guard performers and additional instruments such as mellophones and euphoniums.

“The decals let [people] identify themselves to the world as musicians,” Agnew says. “It says that they are proud to associate themselves with what they love to do.”

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