CenterPitch Tuner from OnBoard Research Corp.

Stay in tune and in time—all the time, with the CenterPitch Intonation Tool with built-in metronome from OnBoard Research Corp. The newly released improved models display a pitch reference at all times that can be transposed for different instruments.

CenterPitch comes in both clip-on and traditional designs. The clip-on is ideal for individuals, particularly in noisy rehearsals, because it only responds to the vibrations of the attached instrument. The traditional version can allow a director to tune a roomful of instruments.

The arm of the clip-on allows for adjustment to any angle, so that players can use it without compromising their line of sight or proper playing position. The tuners come with a lifetime warranty and can be calibrated up to 440Hz and 450Hz.

Halftime Magazine columnist and professional trumpet player Chase Sanborn has created a book of techniques that works effectively with the CenterPitch tuners called “Tuning Tactics.” The book contains exercises and information to help players better understand the subtleties of intonation and sharpen their technique. It also comes with a CD of demonstrations and play-along tracks.

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