Clubhouse Trailers

Your equipment should travel in style! Clubhouse Trailer Company based in Edmond, Okla., specializes in custom trailers for marching band and related activities.

Band booster dads Jeff Hadley and Drew Taylor took their assignment to research and build a trailer for the Edmond Memorial High School Band very seriously.

“We started talking to other bands and learning what they liked and did not like about their semis,” Hadley says. “We spent about four years asking and evaluating to determine what would work best. We sought out and found a suitable trailer and started game planning what needed to be in there and put an awful lot of sweat equity into it.”

The result was the “Bulldog One,” a semitruck trailer featuring special customizations such as pull-out guard equipment drawers, a “tubavator” electric lift, sliding stairs, uniform racks, barn doors and a director’s perch. Word quickly spread about the Bulldog’s cool new trailer, and soon more bands were asking where they could get one. Hadley and Taylor began to help other bands build their dream trailer.

“We have created a very flexible interior to the trailer,” Hadley says. “As the band grows and the section sizes change, they can adapt the inside of their trailer very easily.”

Clubhouse also offers a line of percussion racks, a tailgate or spirit sales trailer, and the director’s perch kit as an add-on to existing trailers.

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