D’Addario Woodwinds’ Reeds

D’Addario has branched into the woodwind world with the release of its D’Addario-branded reeds and mouthpieces. Although the company has owned Rico Reeds since 2004, it will now provide two brands in order to meet the needs of every woodwind player.

Rico Reeds will continue to focus on providing quality reeds to new and young players. D’Addario reeds will cater toward players who are more established on their instruments.

“Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs in science, married with a whole new level of refined craftsmanship, the D’Addario brand promises to inspire a whole new generation of intermediate and professional players,” said CEO Jim D’Addario in a press release.

The company’s Reserve mouthpiece has already been rebranded under the D’Addario name; its Reserve Classic Bb clarinet reeds will be the first series made with a new proprietary digital process and will also be rebranded.

Reserve Classic reeds are unfiled and feature a narrower blank taper and more gradual tip shape. According to the Rico Reeds website, the Reserve Classic reed is suited for a wide range of symphonic and solo playing styles and has a dark sound with a wide color palette.

“We are committed to systematically re-inventing our current range of products,” said Robert Polan, D’Addario Woodwinds’ product manager, in a press release. “Furthermore, we’re dedicated to developing exciting new product additions.”

For more information, visit www.daddario.com/woodwinds.

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