DSI Flag Pole Weight Anchors

Director’s Showcase International (DSI) has released a set of flag pole weight anchors engineered specifically for color guard flag poles to eliminate your need to buy and add on makeshift weighting solutions.

The brass weight anchors are designed with rubber O-rings, intended to keep the entire assembly in place inside the flag. The anchors hold the carriage bolts on either end of the pole tightly in place to prevent loud clanking when a pole is spun and caught as well as carriage bolts from dislodging and becoming dangerous projectiles in the course of guard routines.

“One issue we found was that, when the flags were spun and caught, you would hear the clank inside the pole, so it would call out an out-of-sync routine,” says Jeff Dyson, vice president of marketing at DSI. “Another issue was that, no matter how much you tape the ends of the poles, the loose carriage bolts would fly out the ends when the poles were spun. By having these flag weight anchors, our system allows the carriage bolts to stay secure inside the flag pole.”

Four bolt length options are available, adding anywhere from 2.6 ounces to 5.1 ounces to your equipment.

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