Electric Marimba

Photo of electric marimba.

Marimbas are about to become more accessible, portable, and less expensive, with an electric marimba from Mode Marimba Inc.

Mode Marimba’s electric marimba solves several challenges—including volume and portability—faced by traditional acoustic marimbas.

Since the electric marimba plugs into an amplifier just like an electric guitar or bass, now the marimba can be easily heard. “It solves the amplification problem,” says John Glowka, the company’s founder and president.

The electric marimba also eliminates the need for long resonating tubes, allowing musicians to sit or stand while playing the instrument. Mode Marimba designed the frame to be collapsible and foldable, so the instrument can be easily transported—even in a personal vehicle.

Glowka says he hopes that all of these features make marimbas more accessible—not just to percussion musicians but for all musical settings.

The instrument is still in the beta phase. Its suggested sale price will be in the $5,500 to $5,800 range whereas typical marimbas cost $10,000 to $20,000. “The cost issue is also hacked away at,” Glowka says.

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Visit @modemarimba on Instagram for videos of the electric product. The company’s website is modemarimba.com.

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