Evans Graphic Drumheads

Evans Drumheads recently debuted “Inked by Evans” custom bass heads. Now Evans performers can design their bass drumheads to include personalized graphics printed on the heads themselves. An ensemble can showcase the group name and logo or create a design that corresponds with a particular show by selecting from a set of pre-chosen templates or uploading custom material—so long as the creator is the owner of the images being used.

“These are great because they can preserve performance while still being able to personalize the drumheads in a way that is easily accessible,” notes Jim Bailey, the educator relations manager for D’Addario, Evans Drumheads parent company.

Evans has created an easy-to-use website interface to help groups with their designs.

“The buyer has the ability to design the drumheads without committing to buying them,” Bailey says. “They can see what the head will look like—insert images or text in different fonts, sizes, colors—and that just isn’t available elsewhere.”

Consumers can purchase the drumheads in standard MX or MS varieties. Visit www.inkedbyevans.com for more information and customization tools.

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