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What if one bag could carry everything you need—instrument, music, laptop and accessories? British company Fusion Bags offers that and more with its line of soft instrument case backpacks.

“Myself and three other ladies wanted to make our own range of high-quality gig bags/soft cases, incorporating function and style into the designs,” says Nicole Szekeres, marketing and sales director of Fusion Bags. “It was a huge risk and personal sacrifice as we spent all our combined savings in order to fund the project. We lived and breathed Fusion, but it has been worth it as we have rapidly established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers in the gig bag market, now selling in over 30 countries worldwide.”

Available for alto, tenor and soprano saxophone; trumpet; cornet; flugelhorn; tenor and bass trombone; and French horn, Fusion Bags protect your instrument and come in four stylish colors.

“Fusion manufactures the perfect bag for a gigging musician who needs to carry their instrument without compromising its safety,” Szekeres says. “The bags offer extreme resistance to scuffs and abrasions, a robust molded base and hard-wearing finish, and a soft non-scratch, non-fibrous velvet lining that cradles your instrument providing excellent protection.”

Fusion’s “Fuse-on” system features a line of laptop, accessory and backpack attachments that clip on to the instrument cases for additional storage space. “The ‘Fuse-on’ concept is a great example of our company approach to problem solving,” Szekeres says. “How exactly do you carry a laptop computer, sheet music, change of clothing, personal belongings and an instrument to a gig? ‘Fuse-on’ will allow you to attach accessory bags to the main instrument case, so that all this additional gear can be carried.”

And to prevent back pain from carrying all those necessary items, the rear of the case features a “Fusion Flow System” with lumbar supports and a waist belt for extra comfort and support.

“There are many advantages of using a Fusion case: peace of mind, function, comfort and style,” Szekeres says. “High school and marching band students can all benefit by using Fusion cases. These products will enable students to carry all the gear they need for a gig or practice, hands-free.”

This month, Fusion’s Facebook page is running a giveaway in conjunction with John Packer Instruments. For every 1,000 entries, the company will donate 50 gig bags to Music Fund, which supports young musicians and music schools in developing countries and conflict areas.

To enter the contest, go to www.facebook.com/FusionBags. For more information or to order, visit www.fusion-bags.com or www.fusionbagsusa.com.

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