Gator Frameworks Tablet Mounts

Gator Cases is standing up to its competitors with its new Frameworks line, which offers stands and support systems for microphones, speakers, keyboards, guitars, sheet music and—most notably—tablet devices.

There are two products available for tablets. The company’s lightweight, durable plastic tray design comes with either a clamping base that can hold onto anything less than 1.25 inches in diameter or a microphone stand compatible mount.

“If you want to have a dedicated stand, front and center, we have that option with the tablet mount,” says Brian Larsen, media marketing manager for Gator Cases. “The standard mic clip works with most microphone stands, not just our own. The tablet clamp you can use in conjunction with other equipment, like desks or drum kits, which makes it easy to use.”

The tablet clamp and tablet mount, both weighing in at 1 pound, feature an adjustable tray that fits the iPad 1, 2, 3 and other large tablets. The tray rotates for landscape and portrait orientations.

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