Apple’s “Everyone Can Create” Curriculum

Apples' Everyone Can Create Curriculum

According to Apple, “Everyone Can Create.” To help students with their creations, Apple released specially-priced iPads for educational settings as well as new products for the classroom.

Apple’s 9.7-inch iPads for education launched in March 2018 for $299. It weighs one pound and includes a 10-hour battery life, 8-megapixel camera, and Apple Pencil support. Schools can purchase Apple Pencil for $89, which allows someone to draw and write on the tablets.

Apple also released a student GarageBand with access to a sound library that helps musicians learn, play, and record music.

The launch is part of Apple’s new, free curriculum called “Everyone Can Create,” which “makes it fun and easy for teachers to integrate drawing, music, filmmaking, or photography into their existing lesson plans for any subject,” according to Apple’s website.

The new program is similar to Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” initiative, which sought to teach students and teachers how to code.

“Creativity sparks a deeper level of engagement in students, and we’re excited to help teachers bring out that creativity in the classroom,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, in an Apple news article. “When you combine the power of iPad, the creativity of Apple Pencil, over a million iPad apps in the App Store, the rich curriculum in Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create, and unique Classroom and Schoolwork apps that support students and help schools manage technology in the classroom, we believe we can amplify learning and creativity in a way that only Apple can.”

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