King Royal-Air Sabre

For 25 years, Designs by King has manufactured and distributed a number of different types of equipment for color guard performance. The newest addition to the company’s product lineup is the “Royal-Air” sabre, released in February.

Often in color guard practices and routines, tosses result in cosmetic and durability issues. Some companies have attempted to create new solutions for this age-old problem, but few have managed to create nearly indestructible products at an affordable price point. King aims to relieve this problem with the new “Royal-Air” sabres.

King has designed the new “Royal- Air” sabres to be lightweight yet durable. They are among the first companies to use ABS hardened plastic, similar in composition to Plexiglass. This plastic handle, coupled with a stainless steel synthetic blade, makes for a nearly indestructible sabre.

The “Royal-Air” is available in a 36-inch variety and a 39-inch variety, priced at $64 and $69, respectively. Visit for more information.

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