Marching Miniatures

Members, alums, and fans of college marching band and drum corps can remember a favorite season, show, or group with a small piece of memorabilia, thanks to The Little Band Man Company and Drum Corps Miniatures.

Both drawing on the inspiration of vintage toy soldiers, the companies offer figures of various marching ensembles.

“Though we’ve been around since 2002, we’ve been getting a lot more attention now because we tried our first Facebook campaign, and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities for us,” says Jady Regard, owner of The Little Band Man Company.

Crafting these products involves meticulous work. “Everything is handmade in England, hand sculpted and hand painted,” Regard says. “We’re just trying to make a specific product. No mass merchandising.”

Forrest Christenot’s Drum Corps Miniatures offers a similar type of product except with drum corps. “I’m the only person out there doing drum corps [miniature figures] right now,” Christenot says.

Drum Corps Miniatures currently depicts about a dozen corps. “I try to do a couple of different corps,” Christenot says. “Some of the older ones that I’ve done, I’ll try and add other instruments. I already might have a body, so all I have to do is sculpt another instrument.”

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