McCormick’s Rifle Wraps

A few years ago, percussion wraps made their debut on the field and floor to allow program designers the ability to match the look of their battery instruments to the show theme. Now new Custom Rifles Wraps by McCormick’s offers a similar type of visual customization in the color guard section.

These low-cost wraps can “give a director the ability to extend the theme and color of their field show to the rifle itself,” says Alan Yefsky, president and CEO of McCormick’s.

According to Yefsky, “From a spectator’s and judge’s perspective, everyone is spinning a white rifle. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.”

McCormick’s wraps aren’t just limited to solid colors. They can have specific designs, patterns, and even school or group mascots printed on them. In addition, each side of the rifle can have a different design for the group to present a surprise double look.

Yefsky describes the wraps as “feeling like vinyl tape.”

They can be applied in less than 15 minutes and leave no residue when removed.

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