MicNet and Hercules Stands

Amplify your mallet percussion or keep your instrument secure with the newest distributions from KHS America—the MicNet microphone support system and Hercules Stands.

The MicNet by DrumsWest allows users to place microphones across mallet keyboards up to five octaves. Having the net underneath the instrument insulates microphones from frame noise as well as permits microphones to be placed anywhere along the length of an instrument.

“The MicNet straps across the underside of the keyboard between the resonators,” explains Tommy Wilson, brand manager for KHS America. “The multitude of holes in the net creates a wide variety of positions into which a microphone can be placed. Cables can be woven directly through the net to keep them neat and tidy.”

As for Hercules Stands, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) recently named the products among the best accessories and addons in its annual “Best in Show.” According to the Hercules Stands website, its EZ-Safe band instrument stands were designed in response to complaints about instruments falling off of other stands.

“During a performance, the last thing you need to worry about is your gear and how it is being positioned or held,” Wilson says. “Besides the benefit of increased stability and security, Hercules also takes into account the busy lifestyle of most musicians. Most of the instrument stands will actually fit into a case or gig bag for quick and easy transport.”

Hercules has received patents for the adjustable saxophone backrests, swivel legs and telescoping pegs used in its products. Multiple peg holes let users store more than one instrument without using extra floor space. You can visit www.themicnet.com and www.herculesstands.com for more details.

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