Model 15 Scissor-Lift Podium by Jarvis Industries

The new Model 15 Scissor-Lift Podium by Jarvis Industries is a step above the rest. After being in business for more than 25 years, the company has produced one of the only 6-foot-tall, scissor-lift podiums currently being sold for the marching arts.

The Model 15 offers easy transportability and operation. With built-in pneumatic cylinders, the podium can be lifted and lowered by just one person in a matter of seconds. It locks into place in the up position with safe mechanical locks. There are no pins or parts to lose.

Made of lightweight aluminum with 10-inch lockable wheels, the structure can also be easily pulled by hand. The narrow 44-inch width allows it to be effortlessly transported through 4-foot-wide passages. It can even be used as a wagon when closed, and the ladder stows away on the platform when not in use.

Jarvis claims the Model 15 Podium is “invaluable when it comes to the ease of transport and storage.”

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