Nuvo Student Flute

The Nuvo Student Flute may be the flute of the future, but musicians can play it today.

Weighing in at 255 grams, the Nuvo Student Flute is a lightweight C flute with a durable, waterproof plastic body and metal rods and keys.

“It has all the same key work and the same fingerings, but it weighs roughly half the weight of a metal flute,” says Max Clissold, managing director at Nuvo Instrumental.

Nuvo considered problems such as weight and fragility when designing the Student Flute. “We decided to take the best of the design of the traditional flute and apply modern technology and materials to come up with an instrument that made the learning process easier,” Clissold says.

Customizable key caps let musicians personalize their flutes with a variety of different colors. “We also wanted to make it more fun and personal,” Clissold says.

In terms of performance, the Nuvo Student Flute is identical to a traditional flute but with a wider range of features and accessories to facilitate more comfortable playing. Detachable key extensions allow musicians with smaller hands to hold it more easily while interchangeable lip plates enable a range of sounds and styles.

Its benefits to marching bands came as a surprise to Clissold. “We’ve been approached more by people from marching groups who were very impressed,” Clissold says.

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