Pat Petrillo’s Instructional Rhythm DVD

Pat Petrillo, world-class drummer and clinician, has released an instructional DVD entitled “Pat Petrillo’s Learn to Read Rhythms … Better!” The two-disc set provides comprehensive instruction on rhythm notation reading.

“In teaching rhythm reading classes at Drummers Collective in New York City, I noticed that there wasn’t [a single] book that started from the absolute beginning and carried the student through all of the rhythmic subdivisions in a step-by-step, progressive and logical manner.” Petrillo says.

Petrillo teaches beginning to advanced levels of reading and uses the “Sound Picture” method, which illustrates how rhythms look along with how they sound. This method encourages better sight reading skills.

Topics include basic rhythm notations, dotted rhythms and rest combinations, syncopation notation, triplet rhythm combinations, common and odd time signatures, and codas and repeats.

“Using a visual as well as oral presentation, rhythms ‘come to life’ as I guide you through each example, using an on-screen digital pointer while it’s being played along with a metronome,” Petrillo says. “It’s a reading ‘book’ that comes with a teacher … me!”


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