PowerRyder Cases

Marching ensembles can now make use of clean, green, mobile power for their electronic equipment, thanks to Dan Ryder Field Drills’ PowerRyder Cases.

PowerRyder Cases are a portable power supply for use on audio systems and similar electronic equipment where fixed outlets are unavailable. Depending on the model, an individual case contains one to four batteries that can provide up to 40 hours of continuous pure sine wave battery power. This type of power makes them safe to use with computer equipment.

“We developed these cases to eliminate the need for bands to use gasoline generators,” says Dan Ryder, owner of Dan Ryder Field Drills. “Many schools don’t allow their bands to use gasoline generators due to the hazards involved with storing the fuel.”

The AGM (absorption glass mat) batteries used in PowerRyder Cases differ from traditional lead-acid batteries because their ability to recharge does not degrade as quickly. An included AGM charger can fully charge the batteries in four to five hours.

“We started off three years ago with the Green Power Cart,” Ryder says. “It was essentially a road case containing two batteries. The Carolina Crown [Drum and Bugle Corps] has been using that for two years, and the group was getting about four hours of power with its electronics systems. My son Craig engineered PowerRyder Cases … to let these large systems run all day long.”

Visit www.powerryder.com for more information.

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