Remo Silentstroke Drumheads

Loud disturbances caused by drummers while practicing is a problem as old as music itself. One of Remo Inc.’s newest products, the Silentstroke drumhead, aims to solve this problem.

In many situations, acoustic drum sets are not practical—not due to space constraints, but due to sound constraints.

The Silentstroke heads are made of a single-ply mesh material that provides a realistic, spring-like feel with a drastically lower volume than other drumheads. Remo promotes a sound reduction of 90% when using Silentstroke heads over their Coated Ambassador drumheads.

Remo hasn’t left out electric drum kit users with this product. In addition to acoustic kits, the Silentstroke heads are also compatible with most electric drum kits.

These drumheads are just as easy to remove and put on as standard drumheads and do not need to be tuned for pitch.

The Silentstroke drumheads are available in sizes 6” through 24” with retail prices starting at $11.49. Visit for more information.

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