SKB Sousaphone Case

SKB Cases recently announced the upgrade of its sousaphone case to improve its portability and durability on the road.

“We just revised it to include the wheels and the latches; we also changed the interior a bit, so it would include a wider variety of sousaphones,” says media manager Kathy Galbraith.

The new sousaphones accommodated by the SKB case include the King 2350, Conn 20K and Yamaha Brass Sousa 411. The case also features built-in wheels, locking latches approved by the Transportation Security Authority and an internal storage compartment for accessories.

Galbraith says the case is perfect for marching bands on the go. “There aren’t that many sousaphone cases out there,” Galbraith says. “And there are none other than this one that have the TSA locking latch.”

The unique latches allow airport security personnel to unlock the sousaphone case using a universal TSA-approved key, so the instrument can be secured as checked baggage. The case is also water-resistant and features a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

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