Identical instrument cases can have their own easily identifiable “swagger” with the help of SwaggerTags, which are inexpensive, durable plastic luggage tags. Their outer surface contains a window to insert a personalized photo or logo, so you can easily find your bag.

“You want to make sure you pick up the right bag,” says Karen Walker, creator of SwaggerTags. “You don’t want to make the mistake of picking up the wrong one.”

Much like a locket, the tags open up to show your contact information but conceal it from casual passersby.

With personalization, SwaggerTags can be used on instrument cases and uniform bags, so students can quickly find theirs in the truck or on the rack. Or to add some spirit, “the school or the band can put their own logo on,” Walker says.

The plastic ties can withstand up to 50 pounds of tensile strength, preventing the tag from accidently breaking loose. This sturdy quality is well-suited to the wear and tear of the marching band or drum corps lifestyle.

“If someone takes a pair of scissors to it, it can be removed,” Walker says. “But it’s got to be fairly deliberate.”

Walker originally designed SwaggerTags to label children’s belongings. SwaggerTags won the 2013 Top Choice Award and the 2012 Top Product of the Year from Creative Toy Magazine.

SwaggerTags are available in a variety of colors and retail for $3.99 each. For more information, visit www.swaggertag.com.

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