The Brass Buddy

By facilitating the draining of brass instruments, The Brass Buddy gives musicians an edge against the dreaded “band room smell.”

The device consists of a durable plastic dish with an antimicrobial sponge meant to collect the moisture from brass instruments. Rather than just emptying their instruments wherever they want, brass musicians can aim into The Brass Buddy for future disposal.

“What makes it desirable is that it’s mildew-resistant, antimicrobial and can be washed in the dishwasher,” says Chris Hoovler, a band director and CEO for The Brass Buddy.

By providing brass musicians with a convenient place to empty their instruments during rehearsals, The Brass Buddy helps to prevent buildup on the floors.

In some settings, preventing liquid accumulation is a necessity. “With carpeted floors it’s even worse,” Hoovler says. “Carpet traps the germs, and you’ll never get rid of that ‘band room smell.’ When you have large groups such as marching bands practicing indoors, they can make quite a mess. Preserving a clean practice space is something from which any ensemble will really benefit.”

The Brass Buddy retails for $7.95. Visit for more information.

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