Timpani Carts by Tough Carts

Tough Carts has rolled out its new, heavy-duty Timpani Cart. These carts are made of heavy metal with extra bracing and use 8-inch pneumatic tires that can stand up against the toughest terrains.

The Timpani Cart consists of two individual carts with four wheels on one platform and three wheels on the other. Each platform is 33 inches wide and 71 inches long to easily fi t through doorways. The cart requires one minute or less to set up and take down and has one quick-release pin to connect and disconnect the platforms. This type of connector allows each cart to ride on uneven terrain without affecting the other cart.

“Its quick, one-minute setup/take-down times are probably its best feature,” says Morris Horn of Tough Carts. “It really only takes less than one second! This can be a blessing when it comes to the timed performances you have at field shows.”

The Timpani Cart also has a removable tow bar to make transport easier and a slide-away 32-inch, disappearing performer’s platform.

The Timpani Cart can easily support four timpani and has nine D-Rings per platform to securely tie the timpani onto the cart.

For more information, visit www.toughcartsbuilder.com.

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