Tricky Flag Pole

Get two flags in one pole! The innovative new Tricky Pole, created by Jeff Hurr, can seesaw back and forth between two flags, allowing more seamless equipment changes. One flag is pre-rolled around an inner pole, which is placed inside an outer pole. The outer pole has a slit in it with a tab sticking out. When you want to switch flags, you pull the tab, and the second flag comes out while the first one rolls back inside.

“It affords a guard a fresh look without having an equipment change at the front of the field,” Hurr says. “You can start a feature and have a particular flag, and then have it become a different flag within that same feature.”

Hurr developed the flag with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps for their 2007 show, “This I Believe.”

“We had to tweak the design a couple of times to get it to seesaw back and forth,” Hurr says. “It was exciting to work on it and to work so closely with The Cadets and develop a product that was unique and had never been used in a show before.”

For more information on the Tricky Pole or development of new guard equipment, contact Hurr & Hurr by emailing

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