Vic Firth 50th Anniversary Sticks

In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, Vic Firth Company has released eight limited edition products.

“Amazing as it may seem, we are now celebrating our 50th anniversary,” says company founder Vic Firth in a press release at the beginning of the year. “It’s a milestone I never dreamed about all those years ago, but sure enough it has arrived.”

In the early days, Firth made and sold drumsticks from his garage, labeling each stick personally with a branding iron. At the time, it was a family business, so Firth made each pair himself because of safety; he did not want anyone to hurt themselves.

Vic Firth Company is reintroducing these branded products as limited-time collectors’ items. The commemorative sticks and mallets available include the American Custom SD1 and SD2 snare drumsticks and American Custom T1-T6 timpani mallets.

“For folks who have a memory of their first pairs, this is a nice keepsake and reflection of the 50th anniversary,” says Neil Larrivee, director of education and new product development.

According to Larrivee, people still approach Vic Firth and say they hold onto these sticks from their childhood.

Vic Firth Company has a special anniversary website with featured “game-changing moments” in the company history and an interactive timeline of videos, pictures and stories that provide a unique experience for the viewer.

The site also offers an opportunity to send in personal Vic Firth game-changing moments for weekly chances to win prizes.

In January, The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) presented Vic Firth Company with the Milestone Award, commemorating the company’s distinguished 50 years.

“I would like to express appreciation to all the great players who have chosen to perform with my sticks through the years,” Firth says. “For this, I most graciously thank you all!”

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