Vic Firth’s Markworth and Tama Additions

Drumstick manufacturer Vic Firth introduced several new products —including additions to the Andrew Markworth Mallet Series and a line for Tama Percussion—as the company finished celebrating its 50th anniversary year.

“I created this mallet series to produce maximum sound projection while maintaining a dark tone quality,” said Markworth in a press release. “These mallets create a big, natural sound from the front ensemble that will carry all the way to the press box. As successful as this series has been, I felt there was room for two more models that could enhance the musical offering.”

The new additions include the M231H, medium hard with a blend of warmth and articulation in all registers, and the M232L, hard and ideal for those who appreciate the previous model M232 but wish for more agility and warmer tone at all dynamic levels.

The new Tama Star Performer sticks and mallet series by Vic Firth was created with the Tama design team, led by percussionist Tom Float. The line includes three snare sticks, two tenor sticks and six bass mallets. According to Tama, the varying models specialize in competitive drumming and solo performance, reducing hand fatigue, maximizing stick tricks and creating effortless rebound.

Vic Firth’s 50th anniversary year included celebrations at PASIC and NAMM. President and namesake Vic Firth also received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Southern Maine.

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