Yamaha Marching Snare Mounts

In years past, marching percussionists have been relegated to using general accessory mounts not truly designed for their specific drums. Yamaha aims to change this situation with the introduction of its new marching snare mounts, the MSA-900 Accessory Mount and the MSCH-900 Cymbal Mount.

Unlike other marching snare mounts that affix to the rim of the drum, Yamaha’s new mounts are built to attach to the side of the drum. This design offers increased customizability as well stability for the drum itself, making them easier to carry and balance. The side mount also avoids damage to the drum finish that may be caused by rim mounts.

For smaller bands and percussionists wanting to play not only the snare drum, but also cymbals or other auxiliary percussion instruments, Yamaha’s new mounts are ideal. “Instead of marching a cymbal player, you can just mount the cymbal on the snare yourself,” says Troy Wollwage, percussion marketing manager for Yamaha. “It’s really an accessory product for a marching snare drummer.”

The MSA-900 retails for $118 while the MSCH-900 retails for $90. Visit usa.yamaha.com for more information.

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Emily Moneymaker

Emily Moneymaker is a graduate from the University of Southern California (USC) where she received a Bachelor of Science in Policy, Planning and Development and a minor in marketing. She has played trumpet for more than 12 years. She marched in the USC Trojan Marching Band and served as the organization's recruitment manager.

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