Yamaha YX-230 Xylophone, 8300R Series Timpani

Yamaha released two new instruments in January that will benefit a wide range of musicians

Intended for beginning percussion students, the YX-230 Xylophone provides an easily transportable tabletop instrument that performs similarly to higher-end mallet instruments. This compact three-octave xylophone is 45.5 inches long with full-sized 1.5-inch wide bars. It replaces the smaller “bell set” in a student percussion kit.

The 8300R Series Professional Hammered Copper Timpani is a high-end timpani for universities, symphonies, and orchestras. The timpani’s bowl shape is cambered rather than parabolic, giving it greater depth and physical volume. Yamaha’s exclusive Pedal Adjustment Clutch (PAC) system allows the pedal’s resistance to be easily adjusted while retaining balance.

“Yamaha is unique in the fact that we’ve got percussion products for every stage of percussionist,” says Troy Wollwage, marketing manager for Yamaha Percussion. “Whether it’s a trumpet, trombone, guitar, or drum set, we’ve got products that span the full spectrum of players.”

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