Zero-G Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder

Put your spare sticks wherever you want, even upside down, with the new Zero-G Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder from Maxonix.

The patent-pending design and FlexiGrip-Clips allow spare sticks of all shapes and sizes to be put anywhere on a drum set without rattling or sliding. The GelGrip-RotoTip mounts on stands, booms, snare and tom hoops, floor tom legs, drum racks, bass drum hoops and more.

“I have my gear set up with a few cymbal booms across me,” says Graham Bradford, creator of the Zero-G and president of Maxonix. “I can grab a stick on the way and hit the next beat. It’s a huge leap forward that the sticks can be right there.”

The Zero-G is currently being used by Ray Luzier of KoRn, Felipe Torres of The Monkees, and Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, who uses them while in “The 360”—a rollercoasterlike device that takes him and his whole drum set upside down and sideways in circles as he plays.

“Ray Luzier of KoRn is throwing sticks out to the audience all the time,” Bradford says. “It gives him more showmanship that he can reach up and left and right and all over the place instead of just digging down in the stick bag.”

Bradford hopes to create a version of the Zero-G specifically for marching drums in the future. Maxonix’s GigTrix Drum Key Holder Clips have been popular with marching groups. Also in development are the QwikSpin Cymbal Nut, which replaces wing bolts, and custom graphic designs on the Zero-G.


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Elizabeth Geli

Elizabeth Geli is the assistant editor of Halftime Magazine and a journalist/communications professional in Southern California. Her 11 years at the University of Southern California (USC) Trojan Marching Band included time as a flute player, graduate teaching assistant, and student advocate. She holds a bachelor's degree in Print Journalism and master's degree in Specialized Journalism (The Arts) from USC.