“Sound Leadership” Methods Book

Learn about the “Sound Leadership” methods book.

Enhancing musical techniques and fostering self-discovery go hand in hand when developing student leaders for your music program, something author Scott Lang emphasized in his new methods book, “Sound Leadership: Leadership Curriculum for Music Students for Band, Orchestra, and Choir.”

A nationally known leadership trainer and former band director, Lang has produced several books about leadership. However, “Sound Leadership” stands out because of its unique design, Lang says. Using the look and feel of a traditional music methods book, it provides leadership lessons using the context of music to create one “homogenous, cross-curricular method series,” Lang says.

For students of all ages, “Sound Leadership” can be a guide for self-discovery and self-awareness, both inside and outside the classroom. The book includes quotes and questions that provoke character building for directors to discuss with their students.

“It just reminds [music teachers] to take three or five minutes out of their day and talk about something other than the musical concept.”

It can also serve as a memory book that students can look back on decades later. “You would be able to look at it 10 years, 15 years, 20 years from now and see what kind of person you were,” he says.

“Sound Leadership” costs $12.99 and can be purchased from different sellers including various music retailers, Alfred Music, Amazon.com, and Lang’s website. For more information, visit scottlang.net.

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