2018 All American Drumline

2018 All American Drumline

This year, the 2018 All American Drumline included 39 students—17 percussionists, 18 drum majors, and four individuals for the new Junior division. The annual honoree list is “meant to shine a special spotlight onto kids who work hard in the activity,” says J.D. Ralph, director and producer at Drumlines of America, which created the program.

Ralph says that percussionists can be included in one of two ways.

  • Online Audition: All American Drumline posts music written by staff. Interested individuals can then submit video auditions.
  • Personal Invitation: The other route is to become known in one’s community. The All American Drumline may reach out and ask such percussionists if they’d like to be on the honoree list.

Drum majors were selected at summer camps.

The All American Drumline added the Junior division this year to recognize grade-school-aged students who are already excelling as percussionists. “The younger you reach them, the farther in the future you can possibly go,” Ralph says.

Congratulations to this year’s inductees, listed below:

All American Drumline

  • Trevor Kabateraine (Santa Clarita, CA)
  • Ralph Nader (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Marcus Joyner (Warren County, NC)
  • Jabril Malik (Sacramento, CA)
  • Harvey Thompson (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Dave Natal (Riverside, CA)
  • Zachary Blaha (Orlando, FL)
  • Phillip Brown (Raleigh, NC)
  • Sebastian Orrego (Jersey City, NJ)
  • Theresa Dinh (Ocoee, FL)
  • Jeremie Foster (Atlanta, GA)
  • Carson Frank (Fleming Island, FL)
  • Jake Murillo (New Orleans, LA)
  • Callahan Bauman (Eureka, IL)
  • Jerome Muynila (Vallejo, CA)
  • Alexander Felix (Orlando, FL)
  • Gavin MacDonald (Winter Garden, FL)
  • Sophia Heydon (Topeka, KS)
  • Michael Sanchez (Axtell, TX)
  • Kiana Sims (Euclid, OH)
  • Jayden Torres (Big Spring, TX)
  • Madison Providence (Ocoee, FL)
  • Jacob Allen (Del Rio, TX)

All American Drum Majors

  • Trevon Harris (Topeka, KS)
  • Mariana Castillo (Hamlin, TX)
  • Daade Pack (Euclid, OH)
  • Brittany Hart (Ocoee, FL)
  • Mitchell Zillmer (Conroe, TX)
  • Brooke Hoover (Topeka, KS)
  • Roman Little (Midwest City, OK)
  • Casey Shubert (Big Spring, TX)
  • Jacob Dierker (Axtell, TX)
  • Julia Massey (Conroe, TX)
  • Parker Green (Ocoee, FL)
  • Dakota Brittan (Brackettville, TX)

Junior All American Drumline

  • Evan “Jazz” Wright (Jonesboro, GA)
  • Amadiyah Miles (Orlando, FL)
  • Jordan Ralph (Apopka, FL)
  • Sarah Nguyen (Orlando, FL)
Photo courtesy of Drumlines of America

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