Crossword: What’s it Made of?

crossword puzzle


A musical-themed crossword puzzle created exclusively for Halftime Magazine. Here is the January/February 2019 installment.

What's it made of?


1. Forfeited property, for short
5. Elevator alternative
11. Carry around, as a tuba case
14. Track shape
15. Fries in a little butter
16. King Kong, for one
17. Common material for trumpets, trombones, and tubas (2 words)
19. Image capturer, briefly
20. Part of the iceberg?
21. One-person opera performances (var.)
22. Spherical object
23. Give a pep talk to (2 words)
26. Material for marimba bars (and some expensive clarinets)
29. “Without further ___”
30. Stitch together
32. “Words ___ by” (2 words)
33. Cuts grass
35. Scholarship basis, sometimes
38. Gave the thumbs-down to 
39. Material for some single reeds for saxes and clarinets (2 words)
42. Add decorations to, like with a uniform
45. Make a sad face
46. Trumpet or bugle, e.g.
50. Repeat lyrics from memory
52. Unruly bunch
54. Dove noise
55. Material for some trumpet mutes, drumsticks, and tenor drum carriers
58. Murmur indistinctly
60. European peak
61. “All ___ Jazz”
63. To and ___
64. “By the way” on a memo
65. Synthetic material for some drum heads (2 words)
69. Guitar innovator ___ Paul
70. Shiny trinket
71. “Dynamic” prefix
72. Gallery goods
73. Food fight sound effects
74. Make a sketch


1. ___ G BIV (color mnemonic)
2. The night before
3. Actress Gwyneth
4. Basic skateboarding trick
5. 180° from NNE
6. Folder protrusions
7. Agent working for the Ministry of Magic in “Fantastic Beasts”
8. Prefix for a Mediterranean country
9. Go against
10. Snaky sound
11. Sparkling water brand in cans
12. In the sky (2 words)
13. Part of Idaho’s nickname
18. “Mr. Holland’s ___”
22. Like some nocturnal birds
23. Parental units, with “the”
24. “And what if ___?” (2 words)
25. Ivy League school, for short
27. A long, long time
28. Insurance amount (abbrev.)
31. Shed a few tears
34. Cut back financially
36. Freudian personality element
37. Snare, e.g.
40. Prefix with lock or skid
41. Molecular building block
42. Former Notre Dame coach Parseghian
43. One who holds things up
44. Fancy word for an optometrist
47. It’s seven months after March
48. Eggs commonly used in sushi
49. “Neither” counterpart
51. Lure into a crime
53. Polish, as shoes
56. Supplier of rental trucks and cardboard boxes (hyph.)
57. Cobra relative
59. C major chord, e.g.
62. Pinball disaster
64. Neighbor of Ala.
65. Stomach muscles, briefly
66. ___ Moines (Iowa’s capital)
67. “Big Band,” for one
68. Section of seats



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Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.

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