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Whether for college entrance, high school honor ensembles, or for a drum corps, audition season is well upon us. As you prepare for the auditions that will shape the next chapter of your musical future, keep these suggestions in mind before you take your first steps through the door.

Be Thorough

Double and triple check all of the audition requirements. Make sure to have material prepared, whether it be a solo, etude, excerpts, etc., on any and all instruments. Be sure you have enough material to cover all that they want to hear. Likewise, give yourself enough prep time for any applicable sight-reading, scales, and rudiment testing.

Practice the Process

The more you play in front of others, the easier it will be. Whether for friends, family, teachers, or even your pets, practice the entire audition sequence as many times as possible. Recording yourself is also an excellent way to monitor your progress and improvement through the audition preparation.

Give Yourself Time

The last thing you want to feel is rushed. You’ll want to be in your daily routine as much as possible on audition day. Give yourself time in the days and weeks beforehand to plan. Details matter: Have your clothes picked, instrument/music ready, and double/triple check your wake-up alarm!

Be Moldable

Depending on the type of audition, a teacher or professor might work with you during the timeslot to see how you respond to his or her teaching methods.

Leave your ego at the door! This step is critical; the teacher is evaluating how you are able to adjust and digest information quickly and positively.

Be Yourself

Every audition is unique. The best way to stay consistent is to be yourself and walk into the audition as prepared as possible. Be open to learning and honest feedback.

The audition is merely a steppingstone for your future path. Let the stones lie where they may, and the path will lead you wherever you are destined to be.

Follow these audition rituals to help you be at your best on the big day.

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Adam Wiencken

Adam Wiencken is the percussion specialist for Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) Public Schools and the battery arranger for the Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps. He is an alumnus of the Madison Scouts and The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps. He is a Yamaha Performing Artist and an educational artist for Innovative Percussion Inc., Remo drumheads, Zildjian cymbals, and MEINL Percussion.

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