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Disney Youth ProgramsLearn all about the magic of Disney Youth Programs on its new blog, disneyyouth.com/blog, which launched last fall.

Geared toward teachers and administrators, the blog features a drop-down menu to sort stories by various categories including music, performing arts, dance, and leadership. Each section contains information about products, industry and classroom trends, and Disney opportunities. It also takes educators behind-the-scenes of Disney, showcasing cast members and surprise-and-delights in which Disney professionals meet visiting students. For marching bands, some of the most exciting opportunities include marching down Main Street, U.S.A., and participating in workshops with professional performers.

“It takes some education before a coach, a teacher, or a band director can assemble an entire group to come here, so there are planning elements for a trip, [such as] how to plan financially and what program is going to enhance what they’re doing with their students,” says Tina Trybus, Disney Youth Programs marketing strategy manager. “The blog was our best opportunity to help with that because we could post some video content and go deeper with industry experts. This can help support [educators] while they’re preparing to visit Disney or when they’re coming off of a trip and supporting things they’re already talking about in the classroom.”

As an entertainment company, Disney has unique connections to the arts. “We are connected to so much entertainment as a lifestyle, whether it’s the studios, film releases, artists, and animators on site, and that creates opportunities for people who come through here,” Trybus says. “Many people we have teaching our workshops have had a variety of entertainment experience—some on Broadway, some on our cruise ships, some in the theme parks, some [who] have performed here when they were in the same age range of those students. So these workshops give students the opportunity to talk about the craft and all the elements that go into Disney’s entertainment.”

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