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Evans drumheads

Evans Drumheads from D’Addario has released a new product with applications in both practice and performance. Unlike other drumheads, which are made of polyester films, the new SoundOff drumhead uses a single-ply black mesh material, allowing air to pass through the drumhead more easily to reduce the sound volume.

The inspiration for this product came from observations of drummers trying to control their sound, according to Sergio Bonsignore, a product manager at D’Addario. “If you look at drummers in church, they’re always behind a sound shield. In a cafe or acoustic gig, you’ll see drummers playing with different kinds of sticks to cut the sound down or using T-shirts or cloths to control the sound and limit volume,” Bonsignore says. “We needed something that could help drummers cut the volume down but not change the overall experience of playing drums.”

In marching bands, these heads can alleviate overall noise concerns. They could also help control sound for marching bands that use amplifiers, speakers, or other electronic components in their performances. “Marching bands would benefit from having a drum setup that they can now trigger without dealing with the sound you get from a drumhead … pumped through a PA system,” Bonsignore says.

For further control, drummers can adjust the tension of the heads. “As you tighten the head, it starts to feel stiffer and creates a more realistic rebound,” Bonsignore says.

The SoundOff drumhead replaces the batter drumhead. “With the standard resonant head on the bottom, it still sounds like drums,” Bonsignore says. “You just get a way reduced volume effect.”

Visit evansdrumheads.com for more information.

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