Mapex Quantum Mark II Drums

Mapex Quantum Mark II Drums

About 10 years ago Quantum marching drums debuted in the United States.

Now Mapex is in the process of revamping the series to provide more functionality while keeping the high-quality sound.

While the Mapex Quantum Mark II marching tenors have been available for a couple of years, Mapex released the Quantum Mark II bass drums in the fall of 2018. Quantum Mark II snares will be played by partner drum corps this summer and available to the public in the fall of 2019.

Throughout the process, Mapex spoke with stakeholders to learn about desired features. “We’re not just inventing things or making things different just to be high-tech or just to be fancy,” says Jeff Mulvihill, Mapex and Majestic product manager. “We’re actually addressing real issues and adding functionality or adding detail for real reasons that fix real problems.”

For example, the new Quantum Mark II drum shells are lighter than the original. Bass drums have externally adjustable eyebolts for carriers and a reinforcing bearing edge to improve tone. For the snare drum, the redesigned strainer system provides more options for tuning.

With the changes, students could feel more comfortable and have a better marching experience, encouraging them to stick with the activity, Mulvihill says.

The instruments can also be more easily adjusted to different players through multiple seasons, he adds.

“[Directors] know they have quality instruments that can meet the needs of their kids not only right now but also the next year and the year after that because kids graduate and new kids come in, and they don’t look the same—they’re not as tall, they’re not as wide, they’re different people,” Mulvihill says. “So, if we have the best possible way to address that, it’s a better experience for everyone.”

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