Strong and Accountable

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As I write this column, staff and students are in a holding pattern, trying to figure out how to move forward when we don’t know what the next few months will bring. In spite of the uncertainty, make sure you’re prepared for the future marching season.


Staff members, student leaders, and guard members will need open lines of communication in order to recruit, build their teams, and begin training. Group chats can be used to engage current members and reach out to newer ones. Keep in mind that new members may feel more comfortable speaking to other students rather than a staff member if they haven’t been able to meet in person yet.

Get in Shape

The winter and summer seasons are already wildly different than past ones, and we’re all likely to have less group training for fall. Anything you can do to work on strength, flexibility, and endurance—even if you don’t have access to equipment right now—will put you a step ahead when the marching activity resumes. Look for resources online or ask instructors for guidance. Do what you can to avoid injuries and stay safe while training at home.

Do Your Part

During a normal pre-season, our rehearsal schedules hold us all accountable. While we may not have ensemble rehearsals right now, everyone should do their part to be ready for the first rehearsal. Find ways to practice, work out, and check in with your leaders and team members to ensure that everyone is prepared for the start of the next marching season.

While you might have trouble getting back in the swing of things, remember that any effort you put in now will pay off for you and your team when rehearsals can resume!

About author

Killian Weston

Killian Weston is a color guard instructor and designer in southeast Michigan. She began performing with her high school marching band in 2002 and continued with college marching band and collegiate winter guard. She has taught several guard units and is a prospective judge in the Michigan Color Guard Circuit.