DeMoulin Suits Up with Algy

Algy by DeMoulin

DeMoulin Brothers and Company acquired assets of the Algy Trimmings Company in March 2021. The acquisition brings the octogenarian color guard and dancewear costume brand, now called “Algy by DeMoulin,” into the DeMoulin family of brands, which dates back more than a century and features marching band uniforms.

“We believe it’s a good fit with DeMoulin because we’re a 129-year-old company, and … Algy … is an 84-year-old brand,” says Don Adamski, DeMoulin president and chief executive officer.

Since the business purchase, Algy by DeMoulin has been brought into a new facility with increased manufacturing capacity. Key employees, including Algy’s former owner and president Sue Gordon, have been hired by DeMoulin.

The acquisition occurred after Algy went into bankruptcy due to fallout from the pandemic. DeMoulin stepped up as a buyer, obtaining the brand’s intellectual property, equipment, raw materials, and more.

“Algy by DeMoulin’s already manufacturing for the upcoming season, taking orders by phone while the website is rebuilt to be ready for back-to-school season, and [is] even developing a new line,” Adamski says.

Despite Algy’s change in ownership, its reputation and quality of products will not change, Adamski says. With DeMoulin’s far-reaching customer base, Algy by DeMoulin’s costumes can reach more potential customers than ever, he adds. “Our objective is really to bring quality products with cutting-edge design to the scholastic market and expand our presence in that realm,” he says.

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