It’s a salute, not interpretive dance.

Band Nerds

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DJ Corchin

DJ Corchin, otherwise known in the band world as The 13th Chair, has been involved in music education since learning to play the viola in third grade. And by learning, he means immediately forgetting how to play it the following year when he started on trombone. Growing up inthe band world, DJ graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, with a degree in music education and immediately did not use it. Instead he became a featured performer riding a unicycle and playing the trombone in the Tony and Emmy award-winning Broadway show, “BLAST!,” as one does. Shortly after, he became a high school band director developing BAND NERDS for future world domination. When atakeover didn’t materialize, he stared a career as a children’s author, writing books about kindness and communication. As one does.

The Experience for a Lifetime

A championship-winning drum corps. An award-winning drum major. For The Cadets, the secret is waking up each morning with the right attitude. And that’s a ...