Drum Corps Docu-Drama

The Fuse cable network will soon give audiences a taste of the drum corps experience with an upcoming docu-drama from Seven Bucks Productions and 44 Blue Productions. Under the working title “Hard Corps,” this eight-episode show will feature both The Blue Devils and The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps in scenes of rehearsals, competitions, and will even go as far as 2016’s world championships in Indianapolis.

“This is probably the fourth development deal that [The Blue Devils] have signed in the last 10 years, but nothing has been picked up [by a network] up to this point,” says David Gibbs, executive director of The Blue Devils.

Filming began in November with The Cadets’ auditions and will continue throughout 2016. The filmmakers will interview and film individual corps members as well as shoot entire rehearsals and performances.

“The show will be centered around different individuals in the corps and how they work through their days,” says George Hopkins, director of The Cadets. “[The filmmakers] really want to play up the competitive side to appeal to the common viewer. This is why they chose The Cadets and The Blue Devils.”

Apart from interviews, no performances or rehearsals will be staged for filming. Film crews will work around the corps in order to provide an authentic representation.

“[Telling the drum corps story] was a big part of discussions when we signed the deal,” Gibbs says. “[Drum corps] is an amazing activity, and these kids are the best of the best. They want to be able to show the world a lesser-known activity and all the trials, tribulations, and hard work that comes with the story.”

Hopkins concurs. “Most people just see the image of the corps in uniform, not the moving parts,” he says. “From that standpoint, we’re opening the doors. The fact that [the show] is actually happening is pretty exciting.”—SS

Photo courtesy of The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps.

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