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A new drum corps, created by Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!), will be taking the field beginning in 2012. Cadets2, for performers between ages 16 and 22, will operate and compete within the Drum Corps Associates circuit, an all-age organization separate from Drum Corps International. The group will function as a “weekend-only” corps, convenient for high schoolers within driving distance of Lehigh County, Pa.

“Cadets2 is a program we are thrilled to be able to provide,” said George Hopkins, director of The Cadets and CEO of Youth Education in the Arts, in a press release. “This DCA participating corps will be part of the YEA! curriculum that assists in supporting young people along their personal road towards greatness. It is a different approach than The Cadets, due to the level of time commitment, but the corps will be managed very much the same as The Cadets. There will be an expectation of excellence, the clear intention that the image of The Cadets is maintained, and there is a promise from the organization that Cadets2 will operate with the same degree of quality expected of all YEA! programs.”

According to the press release, instructors will contribute to both corps although a separate head director will be named shortly. A new uniform, similar in style but not in color, will be designed.

Auditions for Cadets2 will be held this coming November. For more information, visit A Cadets2 webpage will be launching soon.

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