SoundSport Scholastic

Soundsport Scholastic

Aiming to serve and celebrate a broader field of performing arts groups, Drum Corps International (DCI) and Varsity Performing Arts will launch a reimagined SoundSport as a Scholastic Performance Event Series, planned for fall 2021. The program lessens barriers to participation by offering live and virtual events across multiple categories in local competitions that can lead to national and international pursuits.

The program will encourage ensembles to bring their best selves to the stage rather than focus on competition. “SoundSport Scholastic provides performing artists with a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and a growth mindset that encourages teamwork and community,” says John DeNovi, DCI’s senior director of global sales and business development.

The program will reduce participants’ financial burdens by deemphasizing long shows with expensive features through use of smaller performance areas. “Success in a SoundSport Scholastic Event Series will be focused on musical and visual excellence as well as crowd engagement,” says Ben Schroeder, manager of Varsity Performing Arts. “The performance assessment is designed as an equalizer for all groups by emphasizing the skill of the students and providing valuable feedback that supports growth as musicians and performers.”

SoundSport Scholastic will also create more local performance opportunities through an affiliate program, limiting travel expenses and accessibility barriers. “[The program] will expand opportunities for rural, urban, and coastal schools that want to perform locally, nationally, and internationally,” DeNovi says.

More details will be announced soon. Visit for more information.

Photo courtesy of Drum Corps International.

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Kacie Brown was a member of the Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) High School band from 2012 to 2016. She is now pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in saxophone performance with a certificate in journalism at Indiana University. In 2019, she won the inaugural Elise Hall Competition for Emerging Saxophonists. She regularly performs with the Kanaderu Saxophone Quartet.

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