Top College Alumni Bands: Results

Recently Halftime Magazine asked for your nominations for the “Top 10 College Alumni Marching Bands.” We received a few nods of approval for Ohio State University’s (OSU) “The Best Damn Band in the Land” Alumni Club and an overwhelming display of enthusiasm from alumni band members of West Virginia University (WVU).

According to one alum: “The WVU Alumni Band carries on the traditions of the Pride of West Virginia long after we have graduated. We perform for alumni functions throughout the year, including fundraisers and wedding receptions. Our pre-game show is the highlight of homecoming weekend for all, with alumni returning annually from as far away as Japan. We have entertained crowds in more than a dozen countries worldwide on three concert tours, proudly representing WVU and the state of West Virginia.”

We celebrate the OSU and WVU alumni bands and a few other ensembles in this issue’s “How to Keep Alums Involved.

Next issue, Halftime Magazine would like to hear your thoughts about the “Top 10 Band Festivals/Trips.” Click here and post your comments by June 21, 2009, for your opinions to be counted. We will compile your responses for our July/August 2009 issue, so make sure to check back.

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