2017 All American Drumline

2017 All American Honors Drumline

Drumlines of America selected 28 members for the 2017 All American Drumline, its 2nd annual recognition program.

Drummers submit an application that includes information about their percussion background and audition videos of them performing music provided by Drumlines of America. Players can audition on snare, bass, tenors, or mallets.

Judges pay close attention to playing skills, sound quality, rhythm accuracy, and technique consistency. “We don’t necessarily look for one technique because there are many techniques out there, so we look for the consistency of technique,” says J.D. Ralph, director and producer.

If selected, members of the All American Drumline have their names and photos published in different band and music publications, and they receive letters and certificates from Ralph. “We try to give them their 15 minutes of fame, give them their little bit of opportunity to shine, and let other people in the community know who they are and that their efforts are worth something,” Ralph says. “Our mission at Drumlines of America has always been to be a representation of all percussion activities, no matter what type they are or where they come from across the United States, and I feel like this All American Drumline project is a great manifestation of that mission.”

Visit drumlinesofamerica.com to find out this year’s winners.

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